About the Event

Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) Agenda is certainly a challenge on a global scale. The future of our planet will be seriously compromised unless there is a definite commitment to innovation and setting new equality, inclusion, and sustainability standards.

Industrial Property (IP) constitutes a key element in the path established by the SDGs. It incentivizes innovation and enables innovators to protect their creativity, their inventions and investments. And this leads to more innovative solutions for the benefit of our planet.

IP provides the agents of change with the necessary strength to act in a safe, adaptive and, sometimes, disruptive way. The necessary mitigation of climate change and the development of new green and beneficial technologies is of the utmost urgency. The IP ecosystem thus forms the basis of this journey towards a healthier and sustainable planet.

That is why this event is of critical importance – it will provide participants – hailing from Government, private sector, academia and others - to share, debate and commit to the crucial role that IP holds in bringing the SDGs to life and making them a reality.

Day 1
08h30 – 09h00


09h00 – 10h00

Opening Speeches

André Moz Caldas, Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Daren Tang, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Andrea Di Carlo, Deputy Executive Director of European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

António Campinos, President of the European Patent Office (EPO)

Catarina Sarmento e Castro, Minister of Justice of Portugal

10h00 – 11h00

Panel 1
Thinking about gender equality in science and innovation

This Panel will address the importance of gender equality and the role played by women in innovation and IP. It will include first-hand accounts of women who have been distinguished in the area of environmental sustainability or those who occupy prominent positions in companies. Furthermore, a project focused on reducing the gap in gender inequality in IP will be discussed.

10h00 – 10h10

Introduction to the theme.

Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal

10h10 – 10h20

Reducing gender inequalities in IP – WIPO’s effort in promoting gender equality and diversity in the innovative sector

Lisa Jorgenson, Deputy Director General (Patents and Technology) of WIPO

10h20 – 10h40

How women’s roles in innovation may help build our future

Isabel Almeida Rodrigues, Secretary of State for Equality and Migration of Portugal

María Loreto Bresky, Director General of the National Institute of Industrial Property of Chile - INAPI

10h40 – 11h00

A female perspective: Harnessing innovation to achieve sustainability

Rafaella de Bona Gonçalves, European Inventor Award 2022 finalist

11h00 – 11h40

Coffee Break

11h40 – 12h40

Panel 2
Thinking about green technologies and new ways of living for a better future

This Panel will focus on green technologies and renewable energies and the role they play in building a more sustainable future. It will also focus on smart cities: cities that combine technology, efficiency, and sustainability. Additionally, the WIPO GREEN project will be addressed. This project brings together buyers and sellers of patentable green technologies, thus fostering partnerships and businesses in this area.

11h40 – 11h55

Innovative technologies based on natural energy sources – Success Stories

Nuno Correia, Director of the Area of Materials and Composite Structures at the Institute of Scienceand Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (INEGI)

11h55 – 12h10

Hydrogen innovation for the energy transition

Yann Menière, Chief Economist of the European Patent Office (EPO)

12h10 – 12h25

WIPO GREEN and the United Nations water agenda

Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General of WIPO, Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector

12h25 – 12h40

Innovation as generator of better living conditions in Smart Sustainable Cities and Communities

Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA Information Management School, NOVA University Lisbon

12h40 – 14h10


14h10 – 15h15

Panel 3
Thinking about better ways of working in long-established and traditional industries

This panel will explore how some of the most long-established and traditional industries (e.g., footwear, chemical, food, etc.) have adapted to today's world, and how they continue to innovate towards a greener and digital future.

14h10 – 14h25

Innovation and sustainability in the footwear industry: the Portuguese experience

Florbela Silva, Head of the Innovation and Digital Manufacturing Unit of the Portuguese FootwearTechnological Centre (CTCP)

14h25 – 14h40

Chemistry as a science to solve global-level problems

Nuno Maulide, Head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Vienna

14h40 – 15h00

IP promoting new ways for sustainable production

Nuno Gonçalves, Member of the Directive Council of the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI)

15h00 – 15h15

Innovation provides sustainability

Miguel Portela, General Manager of BIAL

15h15 – 16h00

Coffee Break

16h00 – 18h00

Panel 4
Thinking about our natural and cultural heritage

This Panel will celebrate the importance that natural and cultural heritage - such as forests or regional/national products - holds in the local and international economy, reflecting on the need to protect such heritage. The panel will reflect on the key role that IP can play in preventing and fighting wild and rural fires. It will also address how rural industries - such as the wine industry - use emerging technologies to achieve more sustainable production. The relevance of Appellation of Origin (AO) or Geographical Indications (GI) as a way of protecting this heritage will be addressed as well.

16h00 – 16h35

Iberian Study: Patents and forest fire control

Inês Cristóvão da Silva, Head of the Patents and Utility Models Department of INPI – Portugal

Carmen Toledo, Head of the Patent Information Division of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)

16h35 – 17h05

Forest fires: how innovation can be used to fight this scourge

Victor Veefkind, Patent Examiner and Member of the Chief Economist Unit of the European Patent Office (EPO)

Guilherme Távora, Patent Examiner of INPI – Portugal

Paulo Madeira, Deputy Coordinator of eBUPI - Mission Structure for Expansion of the Simplified Cadastral Information System

17h05 – 17h20

Making use of our natural heritage for innovation: the case of cork insulation used in the aerospace industry

João Pedro Azevedo, Chief Executive Officer of Amorim Cork Composites

17h20 – 17h50

Sustainability challenges in the wine sector

Gilberto Igrejas, President of the Porto and Douro Wines Institute (IVDP)

Bernardo Gouvêa, President of the Portuguese Institute of Vine and Wine (IVV)

Ana Paula Spencer, President of the Institute for Quality Management and Intellectual Property of CaboVerde (IGQPI) (Fogo Wine Appellation of Origin)

Day 2
09h00 – 10h40

Panel 5
Thinking about the IP System to anticipate solutions

This Panel will debate governments roles in promoting the IP System as a solution to some of our current problems, particularly regarding the digital transition of public services. It will include a round table that will bring together the representatives of the IP5 offices to discuss the main SDGs IP-related projects - implemented or ongoing - and their potential impact on society.

09h00 – 09h10

Introduction to the theme

Jorge Alves Costa, Deputy Minister for Justice of Portugal

09h10 – 09h20

Ensuring sustainability, fairness and effectiveness within the IP dispute resolution system

João Negrão, President of EUIPO's Boards of Appeal

09h20 – 10h20

Round Table: IP5 offices’ vision on how IP will change the Planet

Moderator: José Graça Aranha, WIPO’s Special Representative on the United Nations SustainableDevelopment Goals - SDGs

Messages from:

António Campinos, President of the European Patent Office (EPO)

Hamano Koichi, Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO)

Lee Insil, Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

Shen Changyu, Commissioner of the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)

Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United StatesPatent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Telmo Vilela, Principal Advisor to the President and Representative for Institutional Affairs of the EuropeanPatent Office (EPO)

Maeda Hitoshi, Director-General, Patent Examination Department of the Japan Patent Office (JPO)

Heetae Kim, Director-General of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

Lu Pengqi, Deputy Commissioner of the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)

Charles Eloshway, Senior Patent Counsel of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

10h20 – 10h40

The ‘SME Fund’ as a way to achieve sustainability in Europe’s economy

Inge Buffolo, Director of the Customer Department of EUIPO

António Rodrigues, R&D Manager of VentilÁQUA, S.A.

10h40 – 11h10

Coffee Break

11h10 – 12h50

Panel 6
Thinking about synergies between innovation and IP

This Panel will be dedicated to the impact that studies and reports on the use of IP have on the economy and society. It will be discussed how their results can promote more well-informed public policies, which are better adapted to making our constantly changing world greener and more sustainable. The Panel will also address the importance that financing has on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enable their recovery and achieve economic growth.

11h10 – 11h20

Introduction to the theme.

Pedro Tavares, Secretary of State for Justice of Portugal

11h20 – 11h30

INPI's role supporting innovation in Portugal

Ana Bandeira, President of the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI - Portugal)

11h30 – 11h40

A study on the impact of IP in Portugal

Marco Alemán, Assistant Director General of WIPO, IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector

11h40 – 11h55

The EPO Observatory on Patents and Technology

Gilles Requena, Chief Patent Research and Policy Officer of the European Patent Office (EPO)

11h55 – 12h50

Round Table: Business challenges in the era of innovation and sustainability

Moderator: Jorge Portugal, Director-General of COTEC Portugal - Association for Business Innovation

António Bárbara Grilo, President of the National Innovation Agency (ANI)

António Dias Martins, Executive Director of Startup Portugal

Luís Rebelo de Sousa, Executive Board Member of AICEP Portugal Global – Trade and Investment Agency

12h50 – 13h00

Closing Remarks

Messages from:

Ana Bandeira, President of the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI - Portugal)

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Portuguese Republic

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